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ADAMS (アダムス)
Vocal: ADAM / Guitar: Shota






• Production : HIGHFeeL Japan/CEO: Shota Yokoyama
• Country: Japan
• Activity: since 2011

ADAMS expects to achieve his goal of sensational success before its 10th anniversary, in 2021. ADAMS develops the concept of universal love through its lyrics, video-clips and pictures, within the visual kei movement, which is quite unusual.
ADAMS spends energy and time to create a sensational concept, to bring the duo to an unique and unseen level, with a sound described like « NEO SEXUAL ».
“The birth of ADAMS will happen in the future. Somehow, we are not yet Human beings. Our official birthday is around November, 2021. » By this quote, ADAMS shows a real motivation and enthusiasm to achieve its 10 years-schedule and boast success.
The 2 members of ADAMS will always keep the higher level to achieve their artistic goal.

A New Genesis

ADAMS finds its roots in a new version of the Genesis, with ADAM and ADAM, instead of Adam and Eve, committing the First Sin.

[Original] [Timeless] [Revolutionary]